WELCOME TO THE HOME OF PILI NUT PRODUCTS. Nutritious, delectable and the next big thing to hit the international market. The Pili nut has indeed come a long way from the markets of the Bicol Region in the Philippines to the grocery shelves of some of the countries that are discovering its truly unique taste.

With the relentless efforts of J. Emmanuel Pastries, the Pili Nut products are making their mark in the world market. Now we have the premium quality nuts, still made in the traditional Bicol way but with that much needed twist. The Bicol pili nuts have been enhanced and packaged in a very appealing fashion. The fusion of the old and new is evident in the products which bore the seal of excellence and appeals to both the local and the international clients.

This in a nutshell is the pleasure and delight that we can get as we savor each Pili nut. Grab a packet and we promise you, you can't just get enough!

Not to be eclipsed by the pili nuts, we have other interesting products - the Sesame Balls, deliciously eaten straight from the packet and the Coconut Jam, slap it on the bread or serve it generously to compliment desserts. Yum! It feels like tasting your mom's homemade sweeties. Interesting items for your breakfast or snack pantry!

Company Name:
J.Emmanuel Pastries

Joseph G. Lomibao
Maria Lydia Perez Lomibao

Jacana St. RJ Village
Haring, Canaman,
Camarines Sur, Bicol

(6354) 474.5160


United States Distributor:
Exclusive Foods Int'l, L.P.
Phone: 412-519-4176
Fax: 412-650-5454

International Market:
US, Japan , Canada

Local Market:
Bicol, Laguna, Metro Manila , Cebu

HALAL Certified

Year Established: 1997

Total Asset: 25M (Php)

US FDA, BFAD, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Companies

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